At Site Guy, It's All About Value

We Do It All When We Build Your Website

When we build you a website, we do it all, and we do it at very reasonable prices. (see PRICING below)

We Don't Ask You to Write Your Own Copy

In fact, we don't ask you to do anything. Just talk with us about your business, send us your logo, and provide the company photos you have on hand. We take it from there.

Before the site goes live, we ask you to review it for edits. That's it.

And Don't Fret About the Photos

We are Photoshop experts and can edit most photos to make them web-ready. Need stock photos? We'll get them for you. And if you're within 60 miles of our office, we'll come out and take some shots of you, your staff and your building.

For free.

You Don't Have to Stress About What the Competition is Doing

We research your industry and find your unique selling proposition. That way we can position your site for success in search and sales.

As part of our on-page SEO work, we discover the most popular keywords people are using to search for your products. Then we insert them into your on-page copy and into page titles and descriptions. This attracts human AND search engine attention. 

You Don't Even Get to Wonder How Your Site is Doing

Site Guy provides you with free Analytics reports that show you who is viewing your site, which pages they are landing on, and lots of other valuable details. This data also helps up modify the site, if needed.

You Don't Have a Lot of Downtime, Either

Unlike many web companies, we host all our clients on our own dedicated server. This means almost no downtime, and very quick upload times for  your website.

You Can Always Talk to Us

When you call you always talk with either Site Guy (Dave) or Site Gal (Carrie). And we welcome your questions and requests. There's never a consult charge of any kind.

Ready to learn more or to get started on a new site?
Let's talk.

You Really DON'T Have to Pay an Arm & a Leg

Over the years we have struggled with how to discuss pricing on our website. Every one of our customers need to communicate with their visitors in a unique way. For this reason we really can't offer an estimate for a "typical" website, because that simply does not exist. All sites are quoted individually.

What we CAN say is this - our fees are substantially less than most other designers for a comparable site. And whatever the scope of the project, ALL of our sites come with with a default set of services that many of our competitors do not offer.

Here's what's included:

  • Good Design for "curb appeal."
  • Content Development written for viewers. Informative, and easy to read and understand.
  • Responsive Design so the site be viewed properly on any device.
  • Five Free Email Accounts. More available at a modest charge.
  • Photoshop CC used to edit all photos.
  • On-page SEO including keyword research to help search engines and human eyes find you.
  • An XML Sitemap, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to index your site and provide valuable feedback.

We offer free quotes, together with a promise to engage with you in a friendly and helpful way. We view our business as relationship based, and we're here to help your business grow, not to sell inflated promises.

Take a look at our portfolio and you can see the value we offer for what we charge.

Hosting Charges

Our basic  hosting services for a 5 page site costs only $35/month, and includes one free edit per month for your site. Larger sites (which take up more server room) and sites with other monthly needs will be quoted separately. Our usual monthly fees run anywhere from $35 to $400, depending on client need. 

Need Something Beyond Basic?

Organic Traffic Generation comes from link-building (off-page SEO), additional content generation for in-bound marketing, and social media efforts.

Paid Traffic Generation comes from Google Ads(PPC) and Facebook advertising.

We offer a program of website traffic conversion which turns traffic into leads. This is accomplished through landing page design and upload, email and automation, blogging and social media, and effective calls-to-action.

We offer Inventory Management for inventory modules with and without e-commerce availability.

These services are all quoted as monthly fees.