Google AdWords and Small Business Marketing

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If you missed Site Guy's explanation of local SEO, you'll find it here. 

And while organic SEO can certainly reach customers, adding in Google AdWords (when properly configured and used) can be just as important for increasing the number website visitors. We're finding that our clients who want to reach very specific market segments --those ready to buy--are having good success with these targeted ad campaigns.

Some Reasons Why We Recommend AdWords

  • AdWords help you capture visitors who are actively searching for your product or service. This targeted advertising often has the highest ROI because you're not wasting your message on people who have no interest in your product.


  • When you are part of a competitive niche, ranking #1 on a search page can often be confusing and costly.  But an effective AdWords campaign, can, with proper oversight,  deliver those most coveted positions fairly easily.


  • This program lets you compete with companies that have deeper pockets for marketing. Dedicated SEO specialists are like the brain surgeons of SEO, and how many of us have that kind of money? Yet with AdWords, you have a good shot at becoming #1 in organic search.


  • Here's a doozy: AdWords is essentially a bidding event. But you don't even have to outbid the competition if you have a high Quality Score ( Google compares your AdWord keywords to the keywords on your landing page to rank you.) With a high Quality Score you can rank higher and pay less for the click back to your site.


  • You're in control of what the consumer sees: Viewers who click on your ad are directed to the page you specify. We can design a landing page for you that specifically addressed the needs of the prospect; when he "lands" there, he finds exactly what he wanted to see.


  • You can stop, start and fund ad campaigns to correspond to your best selling times of the year. And you can use Pay Per Click advertising to publicize special events and promotions as needed.


  • You target the geographic areas within your marketing area. This is important, because Google delivers organic search results based on the searcher's physical location. Surrounding communities may be ignored completely. That means you're losing out on sales to prospects only a few miles away from your business! AdWords solves that problem, because you choose the geo locations you want to target. Choose zip code, city, state, MSA or a radius around a location, and send out your message.

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