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Web Design with WordPress Part Two

In the last chapter, we covered how to set up a new WordPress website. Now, with our site set up, it’s time to decide how we want it to look, so the first thing we’re going to do is install a theme. In WordPress, a theme is basically just the way your layout looks on…

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Web Design with WordPress Part One

I have been doing web design for well over 10 years now. I transitioned through several platforms during that time, but now use WordPress exclusively and it has benefited me greatly. Today, I want to share with you how to get started so you experience the power and flexibility of WordPress. First, You Need a…

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Content Management Systems

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What is a Content Management System? A Content Management System (CMS) is a tool used to design, manage, and publish a website. There are  lots of CMS tools available. From free to expensive, small to large, simple or very robust, they all allow individuals who are not coders to build websites. Now, not that long…

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Why We Use WordPress

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Why We Use WordPress WordPress is a wonderful tool for building websites. It’s powerful, versatile, and robust. By itself with the available free themes, it’s fairly easy to assemble a simple site. But add on some of the amazing plugins that have been developed to enhance WordPress, and it can be used to create virtually…

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Are Keywords Still Important for SEO?

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SEO: Do We Still Need to Work With Keywords? There’s a big debate going on at the moment about whether or not keywords are still important.  Some digital marketing experts claim that keywords are dead, and that only content matters. Others believe keywords have their place, and should show up in your content. Here at…

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Why Local SEO Matters

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Why Local SEO Matters How do you market your business on the web? Most business owners think first of the Yellow Pages and specialized sites like Angie’s List. Some companies advertise in the local newspaper’s online edition and hope prospects find them. Unfortunately, these strategies don’t really cut it. They fail to get your business…

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How I Learned To Love PPC

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How I learned To Love PPC Google Ads – PCC or Pay Per Click – was was only three years old when we started designing websites for customers in 2003. Hardly anyone used it, and it was rarely discussed by website design agencies. Since then, it has grown to a business of almost $100 billion…

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Google Search Console


  A Peek Into How Google Search Console Works Search Console is another very useful tool for improving your local SEO. Combined with Google Analytics, Google Search Console can enhance your efforts to be found on the internet. Whereas Google Analytics provides you with information on what visitors did on your site, Google Search Console…

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Google Analytics


Why We Use Google Analytics Here’s the bad news. You won’t immediately fly to the top of the Google search page the first day – or even the first week – when we start doing SEO services for you. Any company that makes that claim is just full of horse pucky. It takes a lot…

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