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Why Website Content is Important

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Good Website Content Is Essential For Results Rule #1 of Website Creation: The written words on your website pages are more important than design or graphics. Why? Content is scanned by the search engines, and if your website content meets their quality requirements, the search engines will help drive traffic to your site. Equally important,…

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How To Write Website Content

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How To Write Website Content Think about how you read a website page: if you’re like most people, you skim the page, scanning for the information you find important or useful. You might check the headline or read the first sentence of a paragraph to see if it has what you’re looking for. Why did…

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Is Your Website Building Your Business?

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Websites Need to Be Workhorses Everyone in business these days needs a web presence. But a website can’t just sit there looking pretty. A website is an investment meant to bring customers to your store. It needs to be pulling its weight 24/7. Is your site helping build your business? If not, how can we…

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Redesigning for The Mobile Environment

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How Does Your Site Look on A Phone? When someone opens your site on their mobile phone, how does it show up? Is your site optimized for viewing on tablet and phone? Many older sites are not. And newer sites built on inexpensive or free platforms may not look very good on smaller screens. Is…

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