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Why We Use Google Analytics

Here’s the bad news. You won’t immediately fly to the top of the Google search page the first day – or even the first week – when we start doing SEO services for you. Any company that makes that claim is just full of horse pucky. It takes a lot of hard work and digging for information to make SEO a successful enterprise. We’re  always up for the challenge!

But the good news is that we can help you get there, and Google Analytics is one of the tools we use in the process.

To help us understand how to make your site better, we use Google Analytics. The data shows us your site is currently performing and how it improves over time. This info points to what needs to be done to keep it on an upward track.

We are local Greeley SEO experts, and if your company is within 60 miles or so, you’re in our free service area. We’re happy to visit you in person. We want to learn all about your business, your products and your marketing needs. If you’re anywhere else, we’ll work via email and phone.

To make this process a little clearer, here’s a short introduction to Google Analytics. We install Analytics and Search Console for all our customers by default and without any extra charge. Google Analytics provides us with important data about visitors to our customers’ website. Without this information we would not be able to assess how well your website is attracting and keeping visitors.


The first, and most basic report in Google Analytics is the Audience Overview report. Virtually all the information provided here is important.

The total number of sessions indicates the volume of traffic the site is receiving. The number of pages per session and the average session duration indicate strength of engagement. These figures suggest the kind of work the site needs to improve user experience.



It’s impossible to overemphasize this report.

Looking at our example here, we can see that 85% of our visitors are male. (Of course, not all sites will be this skewed; this came from a machinery site).

We also study the age demographics. In this case, we see our viewers almost evenly split among the 25-64 age groups, with more minor contributions from 18-24 and the over 65 groups.

Gender and age of users will clearly show us who is visiting the site most. This data helps direct how we present the information on the site.



Mobile vs. desktop vs. tablet figures can vary widely depending on the type of site and market demographics served.

This data can be useful in determining the best way to impact engagement and conversions. Are most site viewers using a wide screen device If so, the layout is guided by that information. Or is mobile usage dominating? In that case, we focus on how the website presents on a smaller screen.



Acquisition Overview allows us to see where the website traffic comes from, and where to focus efforts for improvement. In this particular case, we see that about 55% of traffic comes from organic search. Direct and paid search also contribute. This means we will work mainly with organic and paid search for this site.

But if  there were signs that social media might be a significant source of traffic, we would want to be more involved with social media for the site.



Behavior Overview allows us to see which website pages or posts are visited most often. Although the page titles have been blurred for privacy protection, you can still get the idea.

When we what content is being most highly sought, we can make decisions about the type of additional content to add. This data can also show us where  important content is being overlooked. We can then make needed improvements or corrections.


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