Is Your Website Building Your Business?

Websites Need to Be Workhorses

Everyone in business these days needs a web presence. But a website can’t just sit there looking pretty. A website is an investment meant to bring customers to your store. It needs to be pulling its weight 24/7.

Is your site helping build your business? If not, how can we fix that for you?

What Sort of Site Do You Need?

Not all websites are of equal value for every company. The nature of your business determines the type of site you need.

Do you need an e-commerce site? An informational site to act as an online salesman, sharing information about your products and services? A site with inventory listings? Or a site that allows customers to schedule visits and appointments, or make reservations? Well, that depends on the type of company you are.

There’s an old design principle that says that “form follows function.” You tell us the form your business takes, and we’ll help you determine what sort of website will function best for you.

First Impressions Can Make It or Break It

Website viewers are becoming more and more sophisticated. And, like everything else in the marketing world, trends change. The one constant is that websites are first judged by layout and content.

We create effective layout, work with color, and present powerful images to attract the eye. Informative content keeps the viewer on the site, learning more. And because you want to be seen as an authority in your field, we make sure to provide clear, coherent writing with proper spelling and grammar.

Know Who Your Viewers Are

Most everyone visiting your site will be looking for specific information: They may be evaluating your offerings, judging your expertise, or simply finding out how to contact you.

But Web users are an impatient lot, and they tend to scan through a page very quickly. We help them find the relevant information with an easily navigated menu, appropriate images, and simple, clear writing.(And don’t underestimate the power of linked pages and calls to action!)

Be Easy to Find On The Web

Studies from Yahoo and Google show that online advertising can create $15 or more in offline (store) sales for every $1 spent online. And 74% of prospects use search engines to find local businesses. Phone directories, TV and radio ads and print ads are rapidly losing ground to Web searches.

But that means you need to be found easily and quickly during a Web search. If your site cannot be found by search engines like Google or Bing, or if your content cannot be read by the search engine “spiders,” you miss out on traffic, and selling opportunities.

So the process of optimizing local search is just as important as the site itself. To that end, we include basic local SEO as part of our design package.

Now Grow Your Popularity

Too often, business owners invest in a new website and then sit back and wait for the big bucks to roll in. This is often the source of some disappointment.

Because now that your site has become visible to the search engines and is reaching the local market more effectively, the task becomes sustaining ROI (Return On Investment).

How is that done? It might mean enhancing local organic search, email marketing, and paid search (We have found the highest returns with pay per click Google AdWords).

This coordinated marketing effort remains a constant, much like managing the other aspects of your business.

Site Guy has built and maintains more than 50 successful websites. We are small business specialists, dedicated to your continued growth and success. Contact us and join our family of successful clients!

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