Why We Use WordPress

Why We Use WordPress

WordPress is a wonderful tool for building websites. It’s powerful, versatile, and robust. By itself with the available free themes, it’s fairly easy to assemble a simple site.

But add on some of the amazing plugins that have been developed to enhance WordPress, and it can be used to create virtually any website you can visualize.

Basic WordPress comes with a multitude of available themes. They are handsome, but tend to be recognizable. However, we like to create each site specifically for each of our clients, providing a unique presentation for their business. To that end, we use the Beaver Builder plugin. It lets us design each page in a site exactly the way we want it to look.

And we know we’re not alone in loving WordPress: As of 2017, nearly 29% of all of the sites on the entire Internet are WordPress sites, and that includes nearly 15% of the top 100 websites in the world, according to inmotionhosting.com.

Features Any Designer Can Appreciate

There are so many good things about WordPress. First of all, it is open source, meaning WordPress is free to use and edit. That saves our clients money right from the git-go, since we don’t have to pass on any costs of coding a site from scratch.  We do buy essential plugins as a client’s business needs them (an e-commerce module, for example, or specialized contact forms that extremely flexible.) And we add the plugin WP Rocket to every site, because this plugin  helps sites  load faster. All in all, we tend to rely on plugins for a lot of extra features on our sites, to improve design capabilities and enhance performance.

There are currently more than 40,000 available plugins, which might sound a bit overwhelming. How do you know what to choose?  It’s easy to know which ones are best to use, because there are plenty of user reviews and available information about updates. We’ve discovered that the best – and most reliable – plugins are updated very frequently.

The best things about WordPress:

  • It is easy to install, and provides dependable performance. Although it began as a blog publishing platform, it is now used for all types of websites. So whether you are looking for an informational site, an eCommerce site, or a video website, we can build it WordPress for you.
  • According to Google,  it’s 99% SEO friendly, meaning WordPress takes on the SEO responsibilities that a good CMS should fulfill.
  • WordPress is already optimized for good loading speed, and  new versions of the platform are introduced every few months, adding improvements as they come out. We can update all of our existing sites in one go with each new version.
  • Another benefit of a WordPress site is excellent navigation. There are plenty of menu choices, dropdown menu functionality, and tons of widgets. And all WordPress themes are fully mobile responsive, displaying well on tablets, phones, laptops and desktops.
  • It’s easy to insert texts, images, videos into the pages, so we can edit a client’s site quickly and efficiently. We do optimize images for the website to help with loading speed, but WordPress can handle large files easily.
  • WordPress has a high security standard, and that’s really important. Hackers are never shy about looking for loopholes in websites. Security updates on WordPress help keep sites safe.
  • A large community of developers  are constantly building new plugins (some free, some for purchase). And there is an official support forum where users and developers share information that can help troubleshoot nearly every difficulty encountered. Other online forums  are also able to answer questions. So no matter what issues arise, there’s always someone who can help.

WordPress Is Easy to Use

Okay, a little bit of a caveat here. WordPress IS easy to use, in its most basic form. But to create a site that is not only unique, but has lots of functionality beyond the basic free WordPress themes, can be a little bit challenging at times. Okay, very challenging at times. It really is helpful to know CSS and HTML when you need to make tweaks to the platform, and that’s generally beyond what the average user can do.

At Siteguy.net, we can make the process of building a new site, or redesigning your old site, quite painless. You let us know what you want to do, and we take it from there. We are WordPress experts and will build you a site that is attractive and highly functional. Ready to talk about redesigning a site or building a new one? We’re waiting to hear from you.



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