Want warm, targeted leads searching for your products?
We write the AdWords ads that direct them to your website's landing page.
We build the landing page for you.
You get the sales! It's really that simple.

Hi and Welcome to Site Guy!

Site Guy generally builds sites for family-owned businesses and one-owner companies. We're a small outfit, and working with small companies means we can work one-one-one with you to provide a completely customized site for your needs.

We've found over the years that organic SEO can certainly reach customers, but for warm, targeted leads, nothing works quite like Google AdWords (when properly configured and used).

Like all marketing, there's a bit of a cost to attract customers. But if you want to reach prospects who are ready to buy, you'll have greater success with targeted ad campaigns.

We can build and manage your AdWords campaign at a very reasonable cost, including the design and upload of a landing page for your ad.

We currently have 50+ websites under our management. Our clients include owner-operated lake resorts, multi-million dollar equipment dealers with single locations, retail shops, HVAC companies and others.

With more than a decade of web design experience, and a lot more years working in print advertising and marketing , we've developed a sense of how to concept sites exclusively for each  business. We offer web design and copywriting, GoogleAds, e-commerce modules and more.

We deliver serious results.

And we don't ask an arm and a leg in return.

Each customer has different needs, and we will custom quote your site once we've spent some time speaking with you about your business.

What Our Clients Say

Here's What Our Sites Include

white checkmarkA custom built WordPress website with Landing Pages
white checkmarkAll page content; stock photos if needed
white checkmarkDatabase form to collect website leads
white checkmarkMobile and tablet friendly design
white checkmarkUp to 10 Email accounts
white checkmark1 free update or edit per month
white checkmarkPhoto gallery, if desired
white checkmarkSEO-optimized pages
white checkmarkDomain registration and transfer, if required

white checkmarkPersonal visit to your location if you are within a 60 mile radius of our office

Additional Services

Does your business need a logo design? And online inventory display? An e-commerce section? We can create very attractive and easy-to-navigate inventory modules for you, and also manage the inventory listings on your site. Quoted by project.


Tell us about your company and the website you envision. Call Dave at 970-590-3077 or fill in the form below. If you don't want to work with us after a chat, no hard feelings. We won't try to contact you again.

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