Site Guy loves to talk about local SEO, but...do you know what it is?

Simply put, Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) starts with finding the search terms website users are entering when looking for your type of business or product. Once identified, we skillfully insert them into your website copy.

Add web copy with proper spelling and grammar. Informative headlines. Enough information to alert both Google and your readers to who you are and what you do.  And that gives you good on-page local SEO.

We always include basic local SEO with your design fee.

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Free Google Business Listing Adds to Your SEO Visibility

We strongly encourage all our clients to take advantage of their FREE Google My Business listing. Without this listing, it's very hard to get Google to notice you.

Less than half of all local businesses claim their listings. So when you do, you're already ahead of many of your competitors as it can increase your likelihood of being ranked well by Google.

We Craft Powerful Content

sit guy site gal typingWell-written content, packed with lots of useful information. Keywords (more on those below) seamlessly  folded into the copy on each page. That's what we offer you.

Copywriting comes free with your site design project. We ask only that you suggest edits or corrections if needed.

Writing great copy and finding the right keyword phrases requires creative and often intensive research. But it's a must, because Google will reward you with ranking points for excellent keyworded copy. It's one area where having a professional do the work for you really pays off.

Google alone fields over 100 billion search queries per month worldwide. Luckily, Site Gal will work her typing fingers to the bone writing content for you. Our job is to  help your brick and mortar business shows up high in local web searches.

A Little About Keyword Research

How do we find the keywords for your site?  We start by creating a list of all the words or phrases we believe people are using to find you. Then we research our choices to determine the top picks. The research is done via several programs that indicate which phrases are actually ranking in search volume.

Well, so far, so good. But, of course, there's more.

Keywords are dandy, but keyword phrases are as important, or more important, than single words. That's another round of research and writing.

Once we have a final list of heavily used, popular local search words AND phrases, we insert them into your site copy and create all the HTML tags. Then we go take a nap.

And while we're snoozing, viewers are finding your site and clicking to it. Sweet dreams all around.

Want to Learn More About Keywords?

There are many excellent sources of services and information regarding Local SEO. A few we have found to be accurate and trustworthy are :

Whitespark, a very high quality provider located in Canada

BrightLocal, a quality source of ranking and citation sources

Moz.com, a well-regarded source of information for all things SEO