At Site Guy, It’s All About Value


When we build you a website, we do it all, and we do it for one very reasonable price. (See PRICING below)

We Don’t Ask You to Write Your Own Copy

In fact, we don’t ask you to do anything but talk with us about your business. Send us your logo, and any company photos you have. Before the site goes live, we ask you to review it for edits. That’s it.

And Don’t Fret About the Photos

We are Photoshop experts and will edit photos to make them web-ready. If we need stock photos, we’ll get them for you. And if you’re within 60 miles of our office, we’ll come and take shots of you, your staff and your building. For free.

You Don’t Have to Stress About What the Competition is Doing

We research your industry and find your unique selling proposition to position your site for success.

We handle your SEO work. We find the most popular keywords people are using to search for your products. Then we insert them wherever they’re needed.

You Don’t Even Get to Wonder How Your Site is Doing

Site Guy provides you with Analytics reports that show who is viewing your site, which pages they are landing on, and lots of other valuable details.

You Don’t Have a Lot of Downtime, Either

Unlike many web companies, we host all our clients on our own dedicated server. This means almost no downtime, and very quick upload times for  your website.

You Can Always Talk to Us

We’re a small company. When you call you always talk to either Site Guy (Dave) or Site Gal (Carrie). And we welcome your questions and requests. There’s never a consult charge of any kind.

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Tell us about your company and your internet goals. Let’s see if we’re a good match for your needs.

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PRICING: You Really DON’T Have to Pay an Arm and a Leg

For all this service, we charge only $1295 for a basic 4 page website: Home page, About Us, Contact and one page detailing your products or services.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Good Design for “curb appeal.”
  • Content Development written for viewers. Informative, and easy to read and understand.
  • Responsive Design that lets the site be viewed properly on desktop, phone and tablet.
  • Five Free Email Accounts. More available at a modest charge.
  • Website Hosting on a very fast and very secure server. Monthly edits are included in the hosting fee.
  • Photoshop CC used to edit all photos.
  • On-page SEO, which includes keyword research for words in page titles, descriptions, headers and text. We also use the keywords in our copywriting for search engines to find. We include an XML Sitemap and work with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to index your site and provide valuable feedback.

Larger sites are quoted individually, but even sites of 20 pages rarely cost more than $3500.

Our monthly hosting fee is $30 month, and includes free edits to the site as needed.

Need Something Beyond Basic?

Organic Traffic Generation comes from link-building (off-page SEO), additional content generation for in-bound marketing, and social media efforts.

Paid Traffic Generation comes from Google Ads(PPC) and Facebook advertising.

We offer a program of website traffic conversion which turns traffic into leads. This is accomplished through landing page design and upload, email and automation, blogging and social media, and effective calls-to-action.

We offer Inventory Management for inventory modules with and without e-commerce availability.

These services are all quoted as monthly fees.

Check Out Our Portfolio

hickory hollow resort home page

montrose implement home page

carr plumbing home page

What Our Clients Say

“We knew we needed a new website, but just didn’t know how to go about it. We took the plunge, started to work with Dave and Carrie and couldn’t be more pleased.

Our rankings steadily climbed, website traffic grew. Then Dave installed the online reservation system. We really appreciate the additional customers and the amount of work it’s saved us.”

John Crain, Owner, Hickory Hollow Resort on Table Rock Lake

“We started working with Dave and Carrie in the middle of our major re-branding campaign that included big changes in marketing and customer outreach efforts.

The results from the new website have made it possible to save ad dollars from other channels. Their customer service is excellent and I would recommend them highly.”

Larry Gayer, Owner, CashSaver 417

We contracted with Dave and Carrie to develop and manage our site last year, and have been extremely pleased with the result. It’s really nice to get personal attention to details with prompt emails, phone calls and even in-person visits when needed.

The biggest and best change for us is great leads that are local and qualified. Our April/May gross sales are up over 40% compared to last year.

Thanks so much! We are happy your are part of our successful team!

Ron Lonneman, Owner, Ron’s Equipment Company

Fast Hosting,
Free Email Accounts

site guy hosts email

Your hosting is fast and secure with us. And your email usage? Ten free email accounts and more available if needed.


Customer Service

Site Guy and Site Gall answer the phones

You never get put on hold. No upsell pitches. Site Guy and Site Gal answer the phone, so you talk directly with us. Any time you call.


Affordable, User-Friendly Websites

site guy wordpress sites

We build WordPress sites. If they take your breath away, it won’t be because of the cost.