site guy web design Site Guy believes there's nothing WordPress can't do. WordPress sites are attractive, easily edited, affordable, and can make your site truly unique.

(Site Gal would like to point out that WordPress can't answer your phone or make you a latte. But when it comes to site building, it's a flat-out wonder.)

It's just us two chickens on this digital farm, and as a small business we understand the marketing needs of other small companies. We want to help you grow your business through successful online marketing.

We currently have more than 50 websites under active management: Grocery stores, agricultural equipment dealers, HVAC companies, resorts, and civic organizations, among others. (See our portfolio page for samples of our work.)

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Website Security

Web security has become a hot issue. When you see a lock icon and the word "secure"  or the letters HTTPS  in front a URL, it means the site is safe.  We make all sites safe by default. Your customers can safely browse, buy, or add personal information to forms without fear of malignant intruders. There is no extra charge for this service.

Our Talking Points

What Sort of Website Do You Need?

site guy wordpress sitesA basic site to introduce potential buyers to your business? Or a large, robust site to actively generate leads? We can help you decide what would work best for your business and your budget. And can always add more to your site when you’re ready.

Now, here’s a confession: Site Guy and Site Gal have entirely too much fun designing custom websites. Supply us with a few examples of websites you like, or just let us run with it. We’ll call you to discuss details, and show you the site as it's developing. And if you’re within 60 miles of Loveland, CO we’re happy to stop by and visit with you personally.

We Create The Web Content for You

site guy designs websitesWe get it: you have a business to run. So we write the contents of your site and don't charge extra for the service.

And that phone call or visit we mentioned? That gives us more information about what you want on your website. We’ll also research your business type and products, to better understand what you need to present on the site. Then we submit the pages for your approval before we go live.

Your Site Will Be Mobile Responsive

moblile sites from site guyIt's probably not news, but more people now browse by phone and tablet than desktops. These days, a site simply must be responsive (show well on all devices). All our sites are “responsive” and we wouldn't think of charging extra for this service.

You're competing for business on line. We'll make sure you can be found whenever and wherever a cell phone or tablet is working.

Basic SEO and Keyword Research Included

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Keyword phrases are the ones  buyers use to search for your business. We research them, then integrate them into the page content, the URL, and the page title and descriptions . Good keyword work is essential for your site to be found online. (We include this cost of this part of SEO  in your basic design fee. Because without keywords, there's just no point in having a website.)

We Provide Google Analytics and Search Console

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One of the huge advantages of web marketing is data – you no longer have to guess whether a particular campaign is producing. We include Analytics and Search Console free with every site we build, because we want you to have proof of how well your site is performing.

Let's Talk

site guy contact usReady to talk about a new website or a redesign?  Or just have a question you'd like us to answer? Fill in the form on our Contact Us page and we'll get back to you right away.

Of course we'd love to build you a website. But we're also happy to answer questions you might have about websites, or how SEO really works.