Website Design & Re-Design

We Build What You Need

site guy wordpress sitesNeed a basic site to introduce your products or services? Or a more robust, larger site that actively generates leads? No problem. We'll create exactly the site you need, and add more pages or options  when you’re ready.

Now, here’s a confession: Site Guy and Site Gal have entirely too much fun designing custom websites. We don’t use templates. With a few examples of websites you like, or just the okay to run with it, we'll build a site that works for you.

We’ll call you to discuss details and show you the site as it's developing.  And if you're within 50 miles of Loveland,CO, we'll stop by and meet in person.

Our Sites Are Always Mobile Responsive

moblile sites from site guyIt's probably not news, but more people browse by phone and tablet than on their desktops. We'll build your site to display well on all devices. And we wouldn't think of charging extra for this service.

You're competing for business on line. We'll make sure you can be found whenever and wherever a cell phone or tablet is working.

Google Analytics and Search Console

Site Guy and SEO


One of the huge advantages of web marketing is data. Free tools make it easy for us to see how well any particular campaign is producing. And if we see you need changes, they can be made immediately.

We include Analytics and Search Console free with every site we build, because we want you to have proof of how well your site is performing.


Drive Traffic To Your Site

Content Development

Website content tells your story, and strong content is a must.

Yet nothing is more demanding than developing fresh content, which has to be researched, gathered, written, edited, and displayed to keep a viewer's attention. We'll bring our decades of experience as copywriters and marketing specialists to every page of your website.

Local SEO

High quality SEO is hard work, but we've got our sleeves rolled up and pencils sharpened. Free on-page SEO comes with each site design fee. We can also provide more in-depth SEO services for an extra fee.

AdWords - Pay Per Click Advertising

Over the years we've learned that a combination of PPC and Organic Search produces greater revenue possibilities than one or the other alone.We're skilled at AdWords, so Aak us about developing and managing your AdWord campaigns.

Website Hosting

All our customer sites are hosted on our own server, and there are several good reasons we do this:

  • Guaranteed Compatibility

WordPress interacts with various server settings. Since we control the server settings, we can troubleshoot any glitches that arise. We also closely monitor server resources for optimum performance.

  • Site Loading Speed

We have designed a robust configuration that guarantees fast access to server resources. Your website visitors will experience quick page loads.

  • Security

Unlike shared hosting options, the traffic and activities of our other clients will not adversely affect your website.

  • Privacy

We provide ALL our clients with SSL certificates. This means that all communication between the browser and your website is encrypted and your site will be an HTTPS site. The HTTPS designation (instead of the former HTTP) means there are extra security layers on your site to protect interactions with the site. our customers can safely browse, buy or fill in forms with personal information, without fear of hackers. There is no extra charge for this service.

site guy contact usReady to talk about a new website or a redesign?  Or just have a question you'd like us to answer? Call us, or fill in the form on our Contact Us page, using the message box to tell us what you need.

Of course we'd love to build you a website. But we're also happy to answer questions you might have about websites, or how SEO really works.